Commercial Water Heaters

Commercial Gas Water Heaters


Cyclone™ XL BTHS

750,000 – 1,000,000 BTU/H high efficiency, condensing water heaters with modulating burner.

Cyclone™ MXi BTH

Modulating burner advances the Cyclone to higher levels of efficiency.

Cyclone™ Xi​™ BTX-BTXL

Light-duty commercial condensing power direct vent water heater.

Cyclone™ HE​™ BTX-80

A light-duty commercial condensing power vent water heater.

Cyclone™ LV BTHL

Modulating burner and large volume tank provide a high-efficiency, integrated soluti…

TX1 Commercial Integrated Tankless On Tank ATX

The benefits of a tankless with the dump load capacity of a storage tank.

Polaris™ PC

A high-efficiency condensing water heater with a stainless steel tank.

Conservationist™ Atmospheric Vent BT

Ideal for light-duty applications.

Conservationist™ Power Vent BTF

Approved for use in combined appliance applications.

Master-Fit™ Multi-Flue Atmospheric Vent BTRC

A standard efficient water heater that is easy-to-install and self-cleaning.

Small Volume Power Burner BTP-BTPV

Powered burner models provide thermal efficiencies of 80%.

Commercial Electric Water Heaters


Commercial Heat Pump CAHP

The CAHP-120 heat pump water heater is an integrated system designed specifically fo…

Dura-Power​™ Electric DEN-DEL

Available in upright standard models (DEN/DENC/DEJC) and lowboy models (DEL/DELC).

Gold Series Electric DRE

Designed for use as a recovery heater having its own storage tank.

Dura-Power​™ Xi​™ Electric DHE-DVE

Ideal for large commercial and industrial applications.

Custom Xi​™ Series Electric DSE

Heavy duty electric heaters with a large selection of capacities and kW inputs.

Gold Xi​™ Series Electric DVE

Designed for supplying sanitizing rinse water for dish washing.

Commercial Tankless Water Heaters


Commercial Condensing Tankless ACT

High-efficiency tankless for commercial applications.

Commercial Non-Condensing Tankless ATI

Standard-efficiency tankless for commercial applications.

Commercial Tankless Rack System CRS

A pre-built fully integrated system of tankless units.

Storage Tanks

Storage tanks

Uninsulated Bare Storage Tanks T-TV-TVN-TH-THN

Provide additional storage capacity for systems with large water draws.

Jacketed and Insulated Storage Tanks TJV-TJVT-TJH-TJHT

Large volume tanks are designed for storing potable water.

Heavy Duty Large Volume Storage Tank HD

Heavy duty large volume storage tanks with several custom options.

Chilled Water Buffer Tanks ACV

Designed to create volume in a chilled water system.

Hydraulic Separator Buffer Tanks ABV

Designed to separate boiler flow from system flow.

Hot Water Generators HWG

Designed for utilizing steam or high temperature boiler water as the energy source.

Specialty Gas Water Heaters

Specialty Gas

Variable Fire (VF) Circulating Water Heaters VWH

Up to 87% efficient, hot water supply with modulating fire 4:1 turndown.

Burkay® Genesis™ Hot Water Supply Boilers GWH

85% thermal efficiency in a space-saving stackable design.

Burkay® Hot Water Supply Boilers HW

Lightweight and compact to replace large boilers in a smaller space.

XP PLUS Circulating Water Heater PWH

High efficiency models that deliver 98% thermal efficiency.

Commercial Oil Water Heaters


Discontinued – Conservationist™ Duraclad Oil-Fired COF

Provides thermal efficiencies up to 82%.